I can’t imagine life without my sisters, and after listening to Susan Stamberg’s interview with linguist and author Deborah Tannen, I realize just how complex those relationships can be. For better or for worse, Ms.Tannen has taken the examination of this sisterly love to the next level by interviewing 100 women (her sisters included) in her new book titled You Were Always Mom’s Favorite! Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives. Appropriately titled, Tannen takes an in-depth look at the both the emotional and psychological aspects of these relationships. Take a listen; you’ll appreciate the author’s sisters as they join the interview at the end.


Whip off your glasses and undo your bun because the library as we once knew it is long gone. I was so happy to see Trina Mannino’s article in HOUR Detroit Magazine addressing the long overdue trend of people heading back to the local library instead of the closest dizzying chain. Though the increasing traffic through our libraries is the unfortunate result of the economic recession (ad nauseum), I can’t help but cheer for an institution that can buck up and withstand the trends of time.

Due to the the economic dip, today’s libraries are fast becoming the new Borders, Blockbusters, Kinkos, and in some cases, even the new Starbucks. As assistant professor of Wayne State University’s Library and Information Science Program Maria Gonzales states in For the Books, “It pretty much sums up what libraries do – adopt, adapt, and lead.”


Now that I have lauded the merits of today’s libraries, I must confess I have an addiction. In the scheme of things it’s not that horrific, however, it is increasing in frequency and intensity. In fact, its becoming a bit of an obsession.

The truth is, I think I’m a book hoarder. I can’t help myself. It’s the fault of those libraries that I just applauded. If someone tells me about a book I should read, I make a mad dash for my laptop and instantly reserve it online. I read the Sunday paper reviews,  note which titles interest me, and punch punch punch them in on my keyboard ASAP to see if they are available. If I go to a bookstore, I jot down the titles I need, and beeline over to the library looking for a hit; desperately seeking that  rush of adrenaline when I find it on the shelf! Oh, the score! Oh, the money I’m saving! The fun I’m having! Can this be legal!?!

Unfortunately, like any addiction, inherent in the high of my success is the inevitable misery of the crash. As I look at my ever-towering stack of “To Reads”, the crushing reality hits that there will NEVER be enough time to read them all. There just isn’t enough time. This, in turn, leaves me sitting amongst both a mountain of existential questions and a pile of books. So as I plunk down, sorting through far too many titles, trying to weed out the A list from the B, I vow to take it down a notch…to ease up on the check outs. Yet as I confidently take back my returns and put them determinedly through the slot, I see it out of the corner of my eye….beckoning…the siren of the New Titles Section is calling…and I know I am doomed.

-By Megan Shaffer

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