Though I am loyal to the Detroit Free Press, we are having some trouble with our relationship right now. It’s not as serious as our brief break-up back in March, when I was told that our daily morning coffee dates would be cut from seven days to three. Or as devastating as staring into the strange eyes of a screen rather than pouring over those familiar rustling, black-inked, sweet crinkling, nostalgia inducing pages. But it is serious enough for me to mention it.

Unless I missed something, and I would hope that someone would tell me if I did, I didn’t see ANY literary events (or a section at all for that matter) listed in this week’s PLAY section. Lots of music. Lots of movies. Even theater. Helllooooo! No book events? With the Kerrytown BookFest on Sunday? Can there really be such scant literary interest in this area of entertainment? Don’t people know that literature is to the eye as music is to the ear? Am I alone here?

I know that bibliophiles have carried the reputation of being somewhat nerdy and perhaps even a tad strange, but didn’t we leave that back in elementary school? Come on, Michigan holds some serious signatures in its mittened fist: Elmore Leonard, Thomas Lynch, Tom Bissell, Pete Dexter, Jeffrey Eugenides, Mitch Albom, Michael Moore, Terry McMillan and Steve Hamilton just to name a few. Even Wayne Dyer is from Detroit for cripes sake…and those are just the biggies. Flying under the radar are incredible poets, playwrights, and screenwriters, so how can there NOT be a literary section in PLAY!?!

Forgive me, I digress. My dear, sweet Free Press, your book section is shrinking, and I know it’s not your fault. It happens as we age. However, if this is going to work…if we are going to work, then there are going to have to be some changes. Relationships are all about communication, so I am opening up those lines and reaching out to you. If you care about us at all, you are going to have to work on this…on us.

-By Megan Shaffer

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