Sunday, Lovely Sunday

A Weekly Post By Megan Shaffer

September 13th

I love nothing more than a quiet Sunday morning. Hot coffee, quiet house, and hours to peruse the New York Times and surf to my heart’s content. A book lover’s dream, Sunday holds the most current reviews, weekly bestseller lists, and articles of literary interest. Seeing as this happily takes the better part of my day, it isn’t until Monday morning that I can share the week’s latest and greatest with you.


-Joan sent Night Light Revue a comment regarding my review of My Sister, My Love. I would recommend Black Girl White Girl for anyone looking for a milder approach to Joyce Carol Oates.

Of National Interest

-In light of my Homer & Langley post, you might find it worth your while to check out Liesl Schillinger’s review The Odd Couple in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review. It also announces an online video appearance with the novelist E.L. Doctorow.

-Cormac McCarthy’s apocolyptic novel “The Road” will be appearing on the big screen on November 25th. Viggo Mortensen who got Academy nods for Eastern Promises will star along with Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron and Michael K. Williams.

-The times has a spread this week in the travel section pertaining to Alan Furst’s novel The Spies of Warsaw. The article pays tribute to “the glamour of a great city before the devastation of war” with some lovely shots of Poland as well as travel advice.

-Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol will hit stores on Tuesday the 15th. The greatly anticipated release has been heavily pushed and publicized. For those of you who are fans of Mr. Brown, please let me know if it measures up.

-Because September has been declared National Literacy Month, the 9th National Book Festival will take place on the 26th of this month in D.C. with an impressive bank of authors slated to appear.

Local Voice

Imagine my surprise when I found my yoga instructor Nancy McCaochan down-dogging it in the Health section of the Detroit Free Press. I had no idea that she recently released a book Yoga at the Wall; Like Stanzas in a Poem (In the Company of Women, $19.95). Though I am a bit of a yoga delinquent, I can attest to Ms. McCaochan’s incredible talents and teaching style. Trust me, if I can do it you can do it!

-And the hype continues with the Detroit Free Press book section, as they too cover Homer & Langley! I told you this was strange (see my post: The Doctorow Is In). Though it doesn’t reveal how many stars are actually available, it snagged three from Bloomberg News. Not being well acquainted with this syndication, I will assume it is out of a four-star rating based on other reviews I’ve read. However, I continue to hope that The Detroit Free Press will eventually use someone local on a weekly basis (hint, hint).

Bestseller Lists

New York Times

Publishers Weekly

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