Stealing Buddha’s Dinner: A Great Michigan Read

This year’s Great Michigan Read, Stealing Buddha’s Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen (bit-min-win), is a fine and timely choice made by the Michigan Humanities Council. By spotlighting this Grand Rapids memoir, Michiganians get an up close and very personal view of Ms. Nguyen’s migration experience as her Vietnamese family attempts to replant their severed roots in Michigan soil.

Functioning as a statewide book club, The Great Michigan Read is sponsored by the Michigan Humanities Council. The Council was created as a way to foster thoughts on  our diverse backgrounds and the value of the human experience. The site states, “Humanities play a vital role in shaping our communities by helping us understand the histories that connect us and the issues that divide us,” and Stealing Buddha’s Dinner

gracefully assists this ambition. An ambition of great substance and import.

In this brief Bich Minh Nguyen clip, the author introduces both herself and her memoir. I highly recommend the book though it is very heavy on the 80’s, in which time Ms. Nguyen grew up. Regardless, it gives the reader so many obscure facets of the immigration experience, you inevitably come out much richer for the experience.

Bich Minh Nguyen will be touring throughout Michigan the week of Oct 13-17 and all events are free. For more information or to find an appearance, link here. Stealing Buddha’s Dinner is available at your local libraries, bookstores and is sponsored by Meijer stores, where I was told it is sold at a discounted price.

*NOTE: When I went to the Meijer store in Royal Oak, they did not carry it and had no information on the book at all. I purchased mine at Borders for $14, where there were a number of copies available.

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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