Sunday, Lovely Sunday

A Weekly Post By Megan Shaffer

October 4, 2009

Of National Interest

-The Detroit Free Press reports that, “Borders Group signed an agreement with Verizon to provide free Wi-Fi service in virtually all of its more than 500 Borders stores nationwide.”  CEO Ron Marshall explains that it is a way of “Re-engaging with customers as a serious bookseller…and furthering the sense of community we have always fostered at Borders.”

-Novelist Sarah E. Wright died at 80 from complications of her cancer. The author’s only published novel was titled “This Child’s Gonna Live”. Comparing her work with that of Zora Neale Hurston, the New York Times states,  “…the novel was unusual in its exploration of the black experience from a woman’s perspective, anticipating fiction by writers like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.”

-Nick Hornby has turned a “snippet of a memoir “ which appeared in Granta magazine into a full-blown screenplay. “An Education”, a story of adolescent angst, won the audience award at Sundance and will be released October 9th. Of course, NPR covered this topic back in September in this Fresh Air interview with Nick Hornby.

-I mentioned last week an NPR interview with Francine Prose regarding her new project Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife. As interest continues to grow, this additional PBS conversation with Ms. Prose aired on October 2nd, offering more information on this new book.

-Thank you again, Mr. Ken Burns, for your staggering National Parks documentary. Knopf now offers a companion volume to the PBS series which contains more pictures and a full-color map of all the parks covered in this spectacular program.

Talking Head’s David Byrne has released a book titled Bicycle Diaries. A collection of   Mr. Byrne’s travel entries continues to get extensive coverage in this week’s Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times. You can see NYT’s review of Bicycle Diaries here.

-Coming Soon at the theater is Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, based on the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

Local Voice

-Sunday’s Free Press has a spread by columnist Mitch Albom expanding on his new book “Have a Little Faith”.  The excerpts move back and forth between “…two very different men, in two very different places, who are similar only in that they have faith in something bigger than theselves.” Information on Mr. Albom’s charity can be found at S.A.Y. Detroit.

-The new novel “In a Perfect World” by Chelsea resident Laura Kasischke makes its appearance in bookstores this Tuesday. Quoted in the Free Press as “…what is surely one of modern literature’s harshest explorations of married life with kids…” leaves us with some seriously high expectations. Ms. Kasischke, a teacher of creative writing at U of M, is also the author of novels “Suspicious River” and “The Life Before her Eyes”.

Bestseller Lists

New York Times

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