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November 8, 2009

Of Note

-I’m not all that excited about Sarah Palin’s new book, however, it is noteworthy in that she is beginning her tour for “Going Rogue” here in Michigan. In fairness to Ms. Palin, I haven’t done much research on her upcoming release but must give her kudos for kicking it off in our lovely state. Available on November 17th, Ms. Palin will make her first appearance (after the Oprah show) at Barnes and Noble in Grand Rapids. For more on the book tour, try this post at CBS

-Try this latest Free Press Review of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. I don’t read King, but two out of four stars isn’t a real motivator. His new book releases this Tuesday.

Of National Interest

-Borders has announced they will close about 200 Waldenbooks stores in January, cutting their work force by about 6%. I hate to say it, but with the “Price Wars” of the discount  Big 3 (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target), I fear this is the beginning of the end. Check out this news wire from The Wall Street Journal. (Check out my post The Shame of Literary Price Wars)

-On November 1st, my post Newbies for November listed all new releases for the upcoming month. There are a few titles that I was very excited about. As usual, NPR has covered most of these titles in their post What We’re Reading if you wish to check them out in more detail.

-Jonathan Safran Foer has shed fiction for non in his new book “Eating Animals”. Try this New Yorker piece Flesh of Your Flesh by Elizabeth Kolbert for a closer examination of the author’s push for vegetarianism and his take on the inconsistencies of our love of animals both on and off of the plate.

-Stephen King shares his concern on the latest price wars and his new release Under the Dome (which hits stores Tuesday) in this brief EW interview. For more information, see my post The Shame of Literary Price Wars (11-3-09).

Local Voice

*The 58th annual Detroit Jewish Book Fair will continue through Nov. 15. The Jewish Community Center has two locations in Oak Park and West Bloomfield. For more information go to

-Sunday marks the 11th Annual Writers on the River Book Fair sponsored by the Monroe County Library System.

-On Sunday, November 8th, Howard Blum will present his book “American Lightning” at the JCC of Metro Detroit in West Bloomfield at 7:30p.m.

-On November 10th, Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor will present local writer Micheline Maynard and her book “The Selling of the American Economy”. Her presentation will be at 7:00.

-On November 11th, Steve Luxenberg will present at the Jewish Community Center in Oak Park at 7:00 pm. Mr. Luxenberg is the author of “Annie’s Ghosts” which you can find in my book review section.

-On November 12th, Tom Weschler will present “Travelin’ Man – On the Road and Behind the Scenes with Bob Seger” as his tour manager and photographer. Weschler will appear at Barnes & Noble in Allen Park.

-Sarah Palin will begin her ‘Going Rogue’ book tour in Grand Rapids. On November 18th, Mrs. Palin’s first stop will be at the Woodland Mall Barnes & Noble where she will  kick off her tour that will last through December 6th. (see Of Note above)

-Ms. Palin is not the only game in town; appearing a day earlier is one-time Republican candidate Mike Huckabee promoting his book “A Simple Christmas” at Schuler Books.

*If you have an event you wish to post, please send me a comment and I would be happy to include it in my Local Voice section.

Bestseller Lists

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