The Art Student’s War

I am so thrilled that this week’s New York Time’s Book Review features Brad Leithauser’s The Art Studen’t War, a coming-of-age story set in 1940’s Detroit. This wonderfully poetic novel, the sixth for the Detroit native, is a nostalgic work seen through the eyes of the young, bewitching art student Bianca Paradiso.

In his NYT’s review When Detroit Never Slept, Dean Bakopoulos calls The Art Student’s War “…one of the finest novels about Detroit’s history to come along in years,” and states, “Leithauser is adept at writing about Detroit, and even more adept at writing about it from a young painter’s point of view.”

Regardless of reviews, I can vouch for Mr. Leithauser’s love for the city. When I contacted him for a possible review copy of the book, he did not hesitate and further encouraged by noting that “surely the stories of this amazing and maddening city must be set down…”

Brad Leithauser will be making the following appearances in the Detroit metro area:

-December 7th at Borders in Ann Arbor for a reading and signing at 7:00PM

-December 8th at Borders in Birmingham for a reading and signing at 7:00PM

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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