The Christmas Cookie Club

The Christmas Cookie ClubCute, cute, cute, and just in the nick of time for Christmas. Ann Pearlman’s The Christmas Cookie Club is a charming novel for those of us who have been blessed with the love and friendship of good gal pals.

To oversimplify, The Christmas Cookie Club is about a group of women who meet every year to exchange holiday cookies and recipes. However, anyone who has experience with long-term friendships knows that these relationships shift and change with each passing year. And so it is with the “cookie club”, which converges in main character Marnie’s Ann Arbor home the first, frosty Monday of December.

Ann Pearlman’s chapters cleverly begin with a legit cookie recipe that also assists in fleshing out her characters. The choice of cookie, the way the recipe is written, and the presentation of cookies are representative of Marnie’s friends along with her unique tie to each woman and the history of their friendship.

Covering love, loss, and joy, The Christmas Cookie Club is a festive expression of gratitude for the privilege of friendship and the hands we hold through life’s twists and turns. You will quickly find familiar faces in those of club members, and smile in spite of yourself as the images and personalities of your own friends gradually sneak in.

The Christmas Cookie Club is a work more sincere than serious, yet with its winsome characters and heartfelt look at the passage of time, it’s no wonder the film rights have already been acquired (think Steel Magnolias). This quick, snappy book certainly leaves a smile and is perfect for passing on to those who hold a special place.

*Try this Free Press article for more on Ann Pearlman and her real-life cookie club.

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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