Ann Arbor Borders to Host Abraham Verghese

Details“I think I was drawn to medicine with a strong sense of medicine being a romantic pursuit, a calling. I still really am very much in love with medicine, and I love what I do. And I often think the writing emanates from that stance of being a physician. And I worry that I would become mute if I ever left medicine and tried to write.” *

This quote from Abraham Verghese is not all that surprising given the eloquence and depth of Cutting for Stone, his beautiful first novel which was published last year. A professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and holding an M.F.A. from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Verghese has placed himself in perfect position to translate reality into fiction.

Following his two non-fiction works (My Own Country and The Tennis Partner), Cutting for Stone follows the life of twins Marion Stone and his brother Shiva as their lives wind down different paths amidst the political and domestic unrest in Addis Ababa. An epic journey of the soul, Verghese’s characters attest to the innate longing and necessity of our ties to family and homeland.

Borders in Ann Arbor will host Cutting for Stone author Abraham Verghese for a reading and signing event on Tuesday, Janurary 26, 2010 at 7:00 PM. As always, it’s a good idea to call and confirm prior to this event for any additional information.

-Support your local bookstores and universities. It matters!

-Post by Megan Shaffer

*From NPR piece: Story Specialists: Doctors Who Write

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