Nicola’s Books to Host Elizabeth Kostova

Bestselling author Elizabeth Kostova will return to Ann Arbor on Wednesday night for a reading and signing of her new novel The Swan Thieves. No stranger to the area, Ms. Kostova holds an MFA from the University of Michigan where she won a 2003 Hopwood Award for her novel-in-progress.

The Swan Thieves, Kostova’s second novel, was released on January 12th with great anticipation after her widely embraced first work, The Historian. “It was a huge risk, but it was also very exciting,” Kostova shared on NPR’s Weekend Edition. “My first novel was heavily plotted, and although it’s a deeply felt novel for me, it’s kind of an intricate puzzle that I had to work out ahead of time. And this book I really wrote imagining the scenes almost the way you would stand in front of a painting. And it was a moving experience to be sort of there with the reader, not knowing exactly how this would turn out.”

Besides penning two novels, it’s important to note Elizabeth Kostova’s literary activities off the page as well. Through her Foundation for Creative Writing, which was created to “provide further opportunities for Bulgarian writers to foster their own work”, Kostova uses her considerable talents and opportunities to encourage and connect aspiring writers around the globe.

Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor will present bestselling author Elizabeth Kostova this Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 7 PM. Nicola’s is considered one of the premier independent bookstore in the area and a proud member of IndieBound. Please remember to call and confirm all details prior to the event.

*Support your local bookstores and universities. It matters!

-Post by Megan Shaffer

NLR’s review of The Swan Thieves

Kostova’s intro to The Swan Thieves on YouTube

NPR’s Weekend Edition: Kostova’s ‘Swan Thieves’: Art, Love and Crime

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