Estleman’s ‘Alone’ Invokes Garbo Glam

If you’re looking for something smart but not too heavy, you might want to give Loren Estleman’s latest Valentino mystery a shot. Alone is a modern-day work with a shout out to the glamorous age of big-screen legend Greta Garbo. As Valentino works to renovate a run-down movie house, he becomes entangled in a clumsy murder which ultimately invokes the voice of his beloved Garbo.

Alone is good clean fun and packs sharp, blue-streak dialogue in its pages. Estleman relies on brains for brawn rather than devices of profanity and perversion to work his story. Crediting his readers’ intelligence and ability to follow his quick lead, Estleman moves with a flip yet debonair style that conveys sincere (albeit sarcastic) sentiment. Alone’s characters provide a humorous commentary on age, politics, love, and greed. Though Estleman’s latest won’t rock your literary world, it will provide you with nice slice of escapism.

Loren D. Estleman is the author of more than sixty novels. He has earned four Shamus Awards, five Spur Awards, and three Western Heritage Awards. He lives in central Michigan with his wife, author Deborah Morgan.* For more on this man behind many books, you can link to Mr. Estleman’s “About” page here.

*Taken from book jacket courtesy of Forge Books.

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-Quick review by Megan Shaffer

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