August Titles Up for Release

There’s still a solid month left for lofty reading. Here’s a partial list of new titles releasing this month…

August 2

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

August 3

Starvation Lake by Bryan Gruley

I Curse the River of Time: A Novel by Per Petterson

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

August 9

City of Veils: A Novel by Zoe Ferraris

Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu

August 10

Dracula in Love by Karen Essex

Composed: A Memoir by Rosanne Cash

Blind Man’s Alley by Justin Peacock

The Murder Room by Michael Capuzzo

Let’s Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell

August 11

A World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller

August 17

The Life You’ve Imagined by Kristina Riggle

Three Stations by Martin Cruz Smith

The Pindar Diamond by Katie Kickman

Crossfire by Felix & Dick Francis

The Blasphemer by Nigel Farndale

Turbulence by Giles Foden

Keeper by Andrea Gillies

The Queen of Patpong by Timothy Hallinan

August 24

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

Butterfly by Sonya Hartnett

The Sonderberg Case by Elie Wiesel

Juliet by Anne Fortier

August 31

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Freedom: A Novel by Jonathan Franzen

The Insufferable Gaucho by Robert Bolano

*Support your local bookstores, libraries, and universities. It matters.

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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