Everyone’s Reading Selection ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Hits the Big Screen

The Everyone’s Reading program is well under way for Metro Detroit public libraries. In case you missed NLR’s post the first time around, The Lincoln Lawyer by best-selling author Michael Connelly is the title for this year’s selection. Whether you’ve already burned through the book or not, grab a big bucket of popcorn because The Lincoln Lawyer is about to hit the big screen.

The Everyone’s Reading Reader’s Guide states that best-selling author Michael Connelly “has set the standard for writing well-paced, well plotted, and well-crafted crime fiction” and has published “an impressive 22 novels, multiple short stories, and one non-fiction collection of crime stories.” Adding to the excitement surrounding this year’s author is the fact that The Lincoln Lawyer will come to life in theaters this weekend.

Image of "Michael Connelly"In this live interview*, former journalist Michael Connelly says of his transition from covering crime to writing about it, “I had the opposite track. I wanted to write the novels first and then I thought, well, how do I get to the position where I know anything about this world?” After 15 years of covering the crime beat for both the Los Angeles Times and the Sun-Sentinel, Connelly was ready to write.

“I was always looking for things no one knew about,” says Connelly of his days covering  the crime beat. One such unknown has become the premise for Connelly’s character Mickey Haller. Haller appears in Connelly’s 16th novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, and is loosely based on a true to life Los Angeles defense attorney who works out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car. The Lincoln Lawyer was released in 2005 and is Connelly’s first-ever legal thriller.

In the film adaption of The Lincoln Lawyer,  Mickey Haller will be played by none other than Matthew McConaughey. The fast-paced thriller will also include other well-known stars such as Ryan Phillippe and Marisa Tomei. Michael Connelly says that he is “comfortable with the changes” to his work in the film’s version, and that “they were able to capture the spirit of the book.”

The movie version of The Lincoln Lawyer is scheduled to open in theaters this Friday,  March 18, 2011. For more, link to The Lincoln Lawyer trailer or the official movie page at Lionsgate.

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*all quotes in post taken from live interview with New Day

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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