Author Allison Leotta Brings it all Back to Birmingham

Author Allison Leotta returned to her old stomping grounds earlier this week to collect an Honor Alum Award, talk about her new book, and shed some professional light on the topic of sex crimes and domestic violence to high school seniors.

Leotta was presented with the Honor Alum Award last week, which is given to a Groves High School graduate who has made significant contributions to society or their career areas.

Why Leotta? Well, Leotta is a federal sex crimes prosecutor in Washington, D.C. and the author of the debut legal thriller Law of Attraction. Leotta graduated from Groves High School in 1991 and went on to receive her bachelor’s degree at MSU’s James Madison College, and her law degree from Harvard University. Certainly qualified.

Leotta’s experience and expertise in areas of domestic violence and sex crimes allowed her to seriously contribute to the college-bound conversation. Addressing the senior class Leotta jokingly said, “This is your chance to talk to a prosecutor before you’ve been accused of a crime.”

Though laughter ensued, the subject of sex crimes on campus is no laughing matter to Leotta. She gave caution as she easily called up several cases with the same scenario: girl meets boy(s), all get drunk, girl has sex with boy(s), girl sobers-up, girl presses charges. All lives ruined.

Silence. Direct hit.Cover Image

Sober moment and important public service message aside, Leotta kept her young audience up to speed on her fast-paced legal thriller, Law of Attraction, and her current projects including her surprisingly successful blog and her deal with Simon & Schuster. Leotta is queued up to write two sequels to Law of Attraction. The next installment is titled Discretion and will be released sometime next year.

As for her blog? Leotta said she is getting over 20,000 hits a month, and I must admit the concept is very cool. Leotta is a crime show watcher, and her blog dissects episodes and cross-checks them for believability. Would this really happen? Is this how things would move forward in a court of law? Are these the charges that would actually be brought up? According to Leotta, The Good Wife (CBS) leads the pack in accuracy.

Leotta now lives in the D.C. area but just can’t shake the midwest. Michigan has a cameo in Law of Attraction and the novel’s heroine holds serious midwestern influences. “Although her family is very different than my own, I wanted her to have the spirit that so many Michiganders have,” said Leotta. “She is warm, friendly, hard-working, and generous.”

So, what now? Leotta is currently promoting her book and actively working on her sequels. When I asked her if she would consider writing over prosecuting in the future, she really couldn’t say. “I love being a prosecutor. So I’ll try to keep doing both. I’m in the process of dreaming up my heroine’s next few adventures. It has been a crazy, fun, busy, wonderful time!”

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-Post by Night Light Revue

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