Michigan Voices Represent at 2011 Kerrytown Bookfest

It’s that wonderful time of year again! Since Borders has more or less closed their doors for the last time, why not embrace and relish our own literary greatness at this year’s Kerrytown Bookfest?

The Bookfest will take place in Ann Arbor again this year on Sunday, September 11th, with events beginning at 11:00am. While the date itself has grave undertones, the Kerrytown Bookfest is a time to celebrate indie bookstores, amazing authors and the remarkable talent and perseverance of the written word in Michigan.

This year proves to be something special due to the fact that much of the country has decided to sit up and take notice of the flourishing literary voices pouring forth from Michigan. Authors and poets such as Jaimy Gordon, Laura Kasischke, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Michael Federspeil, William Whitbeck, M.L. Liebler, Jeff Vande Zande, Jack Dempsey and Doug Stanton are just a sampling of those who will represent at Kerrytown this year.

Regardless of your literary appetite, the Bookfest has offerings for people of all genres.  The full events schedule offers children’s programs, book making workshops, illustrator samplings, indie bookstore displays, panel discussions and of course, books.

Michigan acts as host and home to a rapidly growing, ever-thriving literary community. The Kerrytown Bookfest is a great way to hear from Notable authors and those whose work we admire while making connections with readers and writers who share a passion for fine literature.

Kerrytown Bookfest takes place on Sunday, September 11, 2011. Travel directions, event times, speakers and more can all be found on the Kerrytown Bookfest homepage.

*Support your local bookstores, libraries and universities. It matters.

-Post by Megan Shaffer

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