Milan: A Treasure for the Traveling Bibliophile

While we struggle to keep our independent bookstores alive here in the United States, those in Italy appear to be thriving. At almost any turn in Milan, tiny bookstores are warmly tucked into the deep, ancient facades that crowd and curve through the city. This bookstore is nestled in a fairly quiet corner and might have been easily missed had I not been staying across the street.

One of the highlights of Milan for me were the small stands that raise their arthritic arms to reveal rows of used books of every genre. The vender fidgets close by while pedestrians take their time perusing titles or looking for that special treasure.

Books and art often hold hands. Should you make it to Milan, don’t miss out on seeing Leonardo DaVinci’s The Last Supper, which is housed at Santa Maria delle Grazie. I was completely unprepared for the painting’s magnificence. A bookstore is attached but absolutely no pictures are permitted.

*Support your local bookstores, libraries, and universities. It matters.

Post by Megan Shaffer

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