‘The Good Thief’ Paperback a Definite Steal

Cover ImageWhile work constraints have prevented me from any in-depth reading or reviewing, they have allowed me to dive into a stack of dusty paperbacks that have been giving me the stink eye for far too long. Fortunately, my first book off the stack was a hit and I’ve posted a quick review below. I’ll be sure to keep you in the know as Night Light Revue moves down its own little Paperback Row.

It’s no wonder that author Hannah Tinti found her book sitting on the New York Times Notable Book of the Year list back in 2008. Though The Good Thief has been called whimsical by some, it is in fact a carefully crafted phantasmagoria of both horror and wonder. Deeply anchored by the sincerity of its young narrator Ren, Tinti’s dreamlike story hooks with unrelenting scenarios of good versus evil that leave the reader with an ever-bobbling  moral compass. As Ren’s attempts to stay the noble course ramp up, so too does the carnival mood of this singular serpentine tale.

I highly suggest The Good Thief as either an individual read or book club recommendation. It is fast, yet quality, and will definitely fuel conversation as ethics and moral tolerance are called into question. The Good Thief is easily worth the paperback purchase and a definite pass along to boot.

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-Post by Megan Shaffer

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