Get Your Amen! from ‘Same Kind of Different as Me’

Cover ImageIt’s all good. Really good, in fact, if you read the words of authors Ron Hall and Denver Moore in the huge uplifter Same Kind of Different as Me. This true story of two men who find spiritual order in the chaos of each other’s lives is nothing short of miraculous.

The course of life, as we all know, is a haphazard ride. Like a bouncing pickup on a back country road, each pit and pock has the capacity to keep us on course or toss us clear out the window. But international art dealer Ron Hall and modern-day slave Denver Moore (yes, unbelievable) have buckled in together for the long haul.

Though time doesn’t allow for a full review, I can tell you that “wealthy white man helps poor homeless black man” is far too simplistic for the emotional depth of this book. The winding road that constructs Same Kind of Different as Me snakes through the plantation south, scales the heights of heaven, drops to the depths of hell, and delves deep into the heart of both Texas and humankind.

Same Kind of Different as Me might not snag you for its literary prowess or impenetrable threads, but it will certainly grab you with its honesty. There’s much to learn about life and love within its pages, so I’m going to push this one as sheer inspiration. Believer or not, let faith take over and enjoy the ride.

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-Post by Megan Shaffer