Are You Hip Enough for ‘The Heights’?

NPR’s What We’re Reading: March 23-29 features Ari Shapiro’s review of The Heights, which is the first novel from Peter Hedges in quite some time (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape). I had my feelers out for this one a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to snag a brand-spanking new copy from the library.

Hedges latest work takes place in Brooklyn Heights, which seems to have become quite a character in its own right lately. In fact, it even has its own blog. With its celebrity residents and aggressively progressive ideology, there’s no doubt that Hedges had plenty of rich material to work with (yes, pun intended). Though Shapiro dings it, I’m still curious to see how The Heights manipulates through Hedges’ eyes.

Of particular note in this quick review is Shapiro’s reference to The New Yorker piece Borough Haul, which I caught a couple of weeks back. Though it’s focus is on Park Slope, “a leafy enclave of Victorian brownstones and Romanesque Revival houses,” this New York neighborhood commentary certainly echoes my literary expectations of Mr. Hedges take in Heights.

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-Post by Megan Shaffer